A Developmental Production
Directed by DEbbi Ardoin
FEbruary 5-13, 2016
Theatre 810

When France bans absinthe in 1914, struggling poet Marmion fears he will lose his only source of inspiration: the Green Fairy, who appears to him in the form of a beautiful muse. He authors a petition against the ban, aided by Dennis, a depressed bartender who drinks absinthe in order to hallucinate his deceased fiancée. But Marmion’s brother Achille, a priest with his own secret absinthe addiction, is dead-set against the petition and determined to stop them. Each of the three men must learn the source of his own dependence on "La Fee Verte" in this comedy about what inspires us, what we cling to, and how we find meaning in an often meaningless universe.

Cast List

Steven R. Landry

Garland Theriot

Allen Higginbotham

Erica Jure