A Developmental Production 

Directed by Deborah D. Ardoin 

March 5-13, 2015

Theatre 810

After years of toiling in the cluttered aisles of Magic Mart, Dee gets her big break: a gig at the Bull's Eye national flagship store and a romance with Jason, the nerdy new manager. But when the ruthless owner/CEO uses Jason as a ploy to stop his beautiful daughter from escaping into a world of minimum wage madness, Dee vows revenge. Now she and her friends must do whatever necessary to teach Jason a lesson-that is if her friends don't screw it up and manage to survive her rage. Medea of the Big Box Store is a comic riff on a classic tragedy, dedicated to anyone who ever had a crappy job.

Cast List

Erin Spisak

Gabe Ortego

Kelly Russo

Allen Higginbotham

Kevin Miller