World Premiere

Directed by Kate Schneider



Graham and Rebecca are a couple on the brink of non-coupledom.  Feeling too young to have been married so long, they seek advice and indiscretion from their closest friends, Casey and Miyo.  But when Casey and Miyo discover that the closeness they truly want comes from each other, a hilarious downward spiral of secret-revealing, feelings-hurting, and self-discovery is initiated.  Why is it sometimes so much sadder to see a couple stay together than to see one break up?  And why do the most revealing and tense moments of our lives so often take place at mealtime?  As funny as it is heartfelt,  A Place to Land is a new relationship examination for a new generation, whose themes are as familiar as the voices inside your head.


Gabe Ortego

Erica Jure

Lindsay Finley

Steven R. Landry