Taste Image Group.jpg
A Developmental Production
Directed by Deborah  Ardoin
Cite Des Arts

Astrid, a radical young New York activist, inherits Chateau Chevalier, a winery in the heart of California's richest wine region. Though she hates the industry's decadence, she agrees to be transformed by the head winemaker into a wine-savvy, media-friendly heiress in order to save the Chateau from imminent bankruptcy. This fun comedy, based on Pygmalion, will be a great way to kick off our season and is sure to make you thirsty for a glass of wine!



Abby Deger

Steven R. Landry

Kristen DuBois

Rick Manuel

Andre Trahan

Andrew Mills

Monique Morton

Elaine Kibodeaux

Gabe Ortego

                               Playwright Jody Gehrman

                               Playwright Jody Gehrman